Dermaplaning FAQ

1. Q: Is this an invasive treatment?

A: No this is not an invasive treatment, the downtime is very minimal. Because it is a deeper exfoliation your skin can be a little sensitive for 1-2 days following treatment. Your skin may appear blotchy or red in areas where you had more of a build up of dead skin. Post care at home product use is highly recommend. Your esthetician will go over the appropriate at home care regime with you following your treatment.

2. Q: Will this remove facial hair?

A: With any exfoliation you are removing dead skin cells and in those skin cells can be dead hair. Because this is a specialized treatment with a specialized tool a bi-product of this treatment is the removal of dead, velous hair. There is no guarantee of hair removal when doing this treatment there is only a chance that hair may be removed in the process.

3. Q: If any hair is removed will it grow back in darker/thicker?

A: There will be no increase in pigmentation (color of hair) or stimulation in growth of hair.

4. Q: Are there any contraindications for this treatment?

A: Yes. If you are planning to have this treatment done, you cannot have any active acne, no sun exposure for 7-10 days pre or post and need to stop the use of Retinol products at least one week prior to treatment.

5. Q: Can this be added to a facial treatment?

A: Yes a Dermaplaning or Dermaboost can be added to any facial treatment.

6. Q: What is the best at home care recommendation?

A: Gentle care and no abrasive products. For maximum results the purchase of a serum is recommended; following the treatment the skin is perfectly primed for absorption of product.