Warm weather is FINALLY HERE! Its finally nice enough outside to go on a walk, enjoy the sun or a night out with friends. Just make sure to keep your skin safe by using products with SPF included. 
There is a lot going on over here at Glow.  So much, that I am going to focus on one new AMAZING service, but will mention the others.  All of them will have you Spring and Summer ready – effortlessly!  That is the theme here at Glow and with our clients (we are noticing) – everyone is ready to just slow down, take less time doing things and connecting with friend and family more.
Let us help you by saving time on your daily routine and that will make more time for FUN!
Lash Lifting – a HOT new service that makes your eyes pop!  The lifting is a semi permanent lash curl that opens your eyes up and then add a tint to make it look like you have on mascara.  The lift lasts 6-8 weeks.  Can you imagine not having to curl your lashes or worry about raccoon eye? It’s  a great alternative to Lash Extensions.

Smooth and Flawless Skin – get in for Dermaplaning before the sun gets too strong.  A treatment that all the celebs are doing.  If you missed it in the last newsletter – this is an exfoliation technique that leaves your skin smooth and silky allowing your skin to have a healthy and radiant glow.  Make up goes on smoother and penetration of topical products is better.

Sick of shaving ? – $25 for an IPL Under arm treatment.  This will jump start your never having to shave again or miss a spot shaving again.  Semi-permanent laser like hair removal.   This special expires the end of May.


Shelley & The Glow Girls 
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Front Desk Corner 
Marissa DiBiasie
Who is Marissa?
A few things you may or may not know about Marissa:
-She has both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Suffolk University.
-She is certified in Airbrush tanning
-She has been at Glow almost 8 years. 
-In her spare time she likes cooking, decorating her house and playing with her new puppy!

Tip from Marissa on life:
“Be grateful for what you have, things could always be worse.”
Tip from Marissa on Beauty:
“Always wash your makeup off before bed – no matter how tired you are!”

Marissa Favorite Product:
“Being someone that has early-maturing skin but still suffers from break outs and the aftermath of them (uneven pigmentation and scarring) my favorite product at Glow right now is the Control Corrective Retinol C Serum. This serum is AMAZING! As the Vitamin A in the serum encourages clearing and smoothing exfoliation to minimize break outs and help maintain skin growth, the Vitamin C works to brighten and lighten any uneven pigmentation.” 
Need help with any product recommendation? I am almost always at the desk or bopping around the shop so feel free to grab me and ask any question!

What Do The Stars Say…..
Apr. 20th- May 20th

It seems that during May 2017, Taureans have other priorities, and relationships take a backseat.
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May 2017 is full of passion, that can easily veer towards a blockage or conflict.

Celeb Birthday This Month
May 19th
Kim Zolciak

Want to keep your skin young and glowing like Kim’s? Try our new TCA Peels they help to
 minimizes acne scaring, hyperpigmentation, fine line and wrinkles. 

Check out our different skin care offereings!
Check it out Here
In This Issue

Lash Lifting!
Have you ever wanted the look of lash extensions with out the up keep? Your answer is here with Lash Lifting!
Lash lifting is a 45 minute process that curls your natural lashes, the results last around 6-7 weeks.

June Sneak Peak:
$5 off Brow and Lash Tints
10% off Rapid Lash and Brow

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